Wednesday, September 28, 2005

From the past

Recently I visited my pal and her one yr old son. She was complaining to me that he doesnt like playing with the toys but instead loves cups spoons and other such stuff. Oddly always cries for toys in the supermarket.
It made me think back to when I was a kid always begging for toys.
My dad like any other red blooded kenyan man had the same answer always "I don have money!" Any nagging after that would be subdued with threats of a kiboko.
So, my like-parented friends and i had to be innovative.
Tyres were the in thing! we could push them all day.
when that went out, in came bano (marbles) but that needed money money which we made by selling of "old junk" to those mari ko mari guys ama even gazetis(newspapers to the local butchery) Of course our enterprenual hides were thoroughly whipped when the folks foun out.
Next came those milk carton and wire cars(that i am ashamed to admit I cant make anymore) but of course we had to dissassemble a few hangars so as to get our "cars". Again our hides were whooped. (By now the folks were getting really good at it)
Then ther was fishing. Imagine our stupidity in trying to catch "fish" (tadpoles.but did we know?) from a pond that was formed by two weeks rain at a construction site. We then took the fish home in our "fishbowls" (toss tins) and hide them under the bed. Of course the fish would die coz 1st they werent fish in they1st place and our mums radar could sense the prescence of vermin her home. and the ass whopping went on.
The funny thing is that this would happen every holiday and be repeated till............
I've just realised. I have no idea when I grew up
...... truly time does fly......

Monday, September 26, 2005


Recently a pal of mine had a question for me? when does life begin? in short is abortion justified.Forget about all those arguements for womens rights to choose when & where to have a baby (no offence intended but pips can control their sexual urges and even use a condom).
I'm arguing from the point of life when does life begin? If it is at conception wouldnt that make abortion murder!! What about this? Would destroying that which has potential to be life, be an act of murder?
This is Serious sh*t here, not the usual fruit salad business (thats just a bunch of monkeys & clowns in a circus throwing bananas and oranges at each other)


This is an overdue post on the best and..... ah deadliest sport on earth soccer. Well what can I say champions league is here game two is coming up this tuesday & wednesday. Cant wait for more shock and defeats!! what will happen? ok I dont have anything specific to say about this I jus thought i'd put it up on the net

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If I had a gun.....

I'd shoot Some Kenyan pedestrians. If only life was a videogame I swear I'd.......
I'd off the politicians inciting violence in the country.....
execute All *$$#01E$ who view little kids as sexual objects and abuse them....

I'm a frustrated person. DONT GET ME A GUN...... I'll do it.

Friday, September 16, 2005


We all get hooked to something in out lives at one point or another.
You could say that life is a constant addiction.
Drugs, fun, tv, sex, books! you name it and thez some dude out thea thats hooked to it!

On the radio this morning I heard of more constitution beef. (I swear as days go on the campaigners and their crews are looking more and more like clowns) Dudesof CKRC were on civil education patrol and were attacked by No- sorry ORANGE supporters
In western it seems that kukus arent the only thing making headlines OR waistlines OR skwaks(calf muscles) for that matter. Some bees(of the banana faction) attacked the Orange homies. the moral:Never stand between a Luhya bee and his nectar the repurcussions are" stuning"
Then some manuals for CKRC were printed with a tint of yallow and ended up being rejected(maybe the printer is an Orange supporter)
Five-Os are getting desperate to catch Deya An appeal is out for the mother of Mrs. deya's "miracle baby" to come forward.
Professor Arthur Obel himself is on trial for attempted murder of one Kioko a matatu driver who dared to block the Prof.s benz (an S-class bwana!!) . Obel proved that his love for th "automobile" by chucking the ride and almost offing the driver. (Rem. Ludacris...with a low riding shotgun with a shotgun... Act a fool) The moral: dont mess with a luo mans car

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I'm listening to Linkin park's Reanimation album and damn some these lyrics are deep.
Do you we have such stuff in kenya? And dont say we shouldnt compare withinternational artists. Why the f**k not? I know for a fact that to be the best at your thing you must have a benchmark The higher the better call me an over achiever. Ama?
All I hear on the radio and the club is "tumefika, tunawakilisha, yo yo, ma-dame, etc etc"
The local music scene has grown up alot over the recent pas,t but its like pips are not out of the whole party track stuff. MIX IT UP A LITTLE. Then there are the pirates who are slowly crippling and killing the artists lakini they shall survive.
Big up to all the artists out there that are giving us music to listen to esp. Necessary noise Harry Kimani etc

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


We live in a crazy-ass country. Seriously check this out:
On one hand we've got politicians lobbying for fruits,
we've got a miracle worker wanted for the miracle of conception (or should I say theft).
we've had shootouts at funerals where it seems that political allies wanted more than one person six feet under this might be turning out to be some 50 & Game beef.
Artists wanna off each other for "stealing of styles". (Bamboo vs. Klepto)
Prezzo (a local musician) is a Fashion consultant. (on KTN weekend prime)
Manduli took the lyrics of "locked up" jus abit too seriously and abit of the wrong way.
Lucy looked that she'd been working out with Congestina.

And people say that kenya aint a great country

Monday, September 12, 2005


I was out on Saturday night in let me just say, the rave is getting boring. You keep meeting these damn kids who are just aaargh! (esp in sikiliza) does someone feel me on this??
That aside Back to the rave thez this dude i know who can drink like woah. I mean people can take it but this nigga jazzed me BEYONDS!!!!
Picture this, dude and four of his pals drink like 6 bottles of the sweet spirits (smirnoff etc etc.) while just sitting down and chilling. Like 3/4 hours later they are up. No staggering, No dizzines they're sawa they're on point.
My thoughts: They've got so much drink in them they can, not only fuel their rides with their piss, but can purify it and sell it off to dudes in kawangware.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Kenyan Wealth

It seems that all of a sudden kenyans are spending money like there is no tomorrow. What i think is that there was always alot of money out there; its just that it was locked up as people had little confidence investing with the goverment of the day.
Local investor confidece has risen dramatically. This is most evident in the stock exchange that has seen a strong bullish trend from the beginning of the year. We even have a billion dollar company!! Thats big, but only just the beginning.
The recent motor show that witnessed the slow entry of luxury sports cars (Porsche & Audi) that, as rumour has it, actually saw a sale of a porsche carrera S.
Well, what can I say, my dreams are slowly coming true. Maybe one day in the future. I can walk into a car dealership and drive out with this 911 (pictured) or even a Ferrari. Who knows??

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


So, you are out clubbing all night and the drinks are flowing you,re having fun life is great then, you wake up the next mornig and the headache you have is jus to much to bear worry no more here are a few tips you can follow to help with "the morning after." Think about it this way, "life is short" (despite the fact that its the longes thing we ever do!!!!)

Saturday, September 03, 2005


The latest addition to the ferrari stable, Enzo Ferrari is arguably the best car in the world right now. Manufactured by the formula one team in conjuction with the sports car production team, this super car is definately worth every penny. but only if you're willing to spare a few million shillings (like 50m or so)

As if thats not enough Buggati are finally producing the much awaited Veyron. with a Bhp of 1001 and a top speed of over 416km/hr find out how they did it.

Friday, September 02, 2005


I guess that as all kenyans out there. I am worried about the constitution. Not that I like politics or any thing its just that this document will affect how i eat, sleep, drink, basically how I live my life as a kenyan. I've read part of it and it seems ok despite the many shouts for the NO vote from some selfish individuals who......
Let me jus leave it at that.