Thursday, October 27, 2005

of dj's, eyes & courtesy

The other day during the official Launch of Bamboocha our favourite dj CK aka "the original bling bling" (said in a kyuk advice) unleashed one of the marketing lines of the year. It goes like this:
When you walk up to a lady and say to her "I'm great in bed!" we call that direct marketing.
And when a lady walks up to you and says "I hear you're great in bed" we call that brand recognition.

Today in the morning when I was coming to work some crazy ass driver was too courteous to Kenyaan Pedestrians. Asin he stopped at a pedestrian crossing over there near Safaricom.There is a bridge like 10 metres awa fromm the spot but NOOO! Nigga had to stop. I'm like WHAT THE F**K! Now I'm no mean cuss, but pliz! NOT during morning traffic.

The other day I was walking in town and saw this chic...............
I was like "woah!" she was like woah! Then I went "Woa- oops sorry!"
U know that saying that eyes are the window to ones soul, well hers were like....... I dunno she totally blew me away. mpaka I accidentally bumped into one of those ladies in town. who apparently might have seen it coming coz she had this cheeky smile in her eyes. The embarassment was totally worth it

Monday, October 24, 2005

A coin

Kenya is a coin.
Do you have any idea how much the Kenyan economy has turned around in the past 12 or so months? here's a sample
1. the stock market is trading at an all time high with expectations of rising even higher. Some co.s havemade profits for the 1st time ever e.g National Bank, Unga,
2. Hotels at the have an all time high in booking having an average capacity of 75%
3. There were advertisement for jobs in the paper last week like 3 pages(when's the last time we saw that)
4. about 480000 new jobs were created last year. the beauty of this is that most of them (like 90%) were "jua kali" enterpreneurs. this could be implied to be that they are gonna employ people in the future.
this coin has two sides
Many many people are dying in the north and eastern parts of this country. news just got to us recently about their plight because we're simply too preoccupied with ourselves and meaningless things that add no ugali to peoples plates. I saw someone on the TV recently who had jus watched a camel that had given her milk for the last 10 yrs die of thirst. the people are so desperate they've given up all hope for their animals all they are crying out for is help for them & their kids
What side are you gonna look at?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


We all have them. At some point we lost some of them, realised the reality of life that would prevent us from achieving them.
Why should we have to give up what brings us joy, drives us, motivates us, moves us, makes us who we are.
How many dreams have you given up? Why did you give up? Was it friends, parents, circumsances?
Where will they be a few years from now when you lie in your bed at night, sleepless coz of the thoughts in you mind saying "If I....... What if I....?" Think about it!
Did you give up your dreams because they weren't worth it? Do you think it was a mistake to to have them in the first place?
These are the thoughts of man who has refused to conform to the "impossibilities" of life and let go from his dreams. I don't care how hard its going to be I'll do it because I was born to be there and nobody else cando it but me.
The difference between the successes and failures of this world is not that the successes dared to dream, but that they dared to follow their dreams to the bitter end. And I'm not speaking of Financial succes but of people living out their dreams.
Question to you is are you a succes or a failure? There is no middle ground.

Its your life, live it.

I'm done

I'm so tired and its only Tuesday oooh! Thing is I do some professional exams and am currently working so studying is hard as I approach the exam day. Jana I slept at like 1 same to Sunday, Sato and Friday. My body is almost calling it quits. When I'm finished with this examsI'd better pass. Thank God I', in the last part.

Question: Does anyone out there have this older, neighbour/cousin who when u were like 8 used to ask you if you'll ever reach form one? I wanna see that person today jus to show him am almost completely thru with school.

Since a hangover is basically someone being dehydrated could it be that dying of thirst is pretty much a hangover?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I'm currently reading "the tempest." I used to think there was too much hullabaloo about the author, but as i am discovering, that isn't the fact. his writing, though several centuries ago is so powerful and still reveals many facets of culture back then that still exist today! Deep stuff!!

on a more shallow point, this weekend was the bomb actualy it was the bombest. I got to wake up late than I have. unfortunately, like was noted by some kbw members, there were no moi day celebrations bummer. but its cool. Anyway gotta get back to work!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


i have absolutely nothing to say. this blog is a complete freestyle so here goes......

saw an eclipse on monday that was abit interesing!! the whole cold but shiny sun.

I'm sick of politicians they're such asses asin why the hell do they have to mislead people every little chance they get .......btw have you ever heard of the story about the kings daughters and the visitors? well here goes...
Some dudes were on a journey through a foreign land. the king welcomed them to spend a night provided they wouldnt sleep with his daughters. So the dudes agreed thinking that the kings daughters werent that fine. well, that night the discovered that the kings daughters were not only fly but naive. so theyseduced them and...... The next morning the king found out what happened and ordered that the visitors be given the "fruit punishment" so they were sent to the forest to get fruits and welli they came back with plums, oranges and pineapples which were then shoved into their asses
So, what am I trying to say? simply this.... the way politicians continously f## with us, maybe we should shove fruits up their........ be they bananas or oranges