Thursday, January 19, 2006

when the cops come......

recently as i was wondering around town trying to find my way home, i though of bank robberies an i came up with the following ideas concerning getaways. So, I did a survey and pitted certain means vs the "Utumishi kwa wote's" latest tool of discipline the Nissan X-trail!!
1. Walking
Not a plan coz u'll walk out of the bank planning to steal a ride BUT, the only rides available are toyotas for taxi drivers. (Kenyans nowadays are macho ur not abt to jack just anyone)
Conclusion: get a car. your own car!! coz if 5-os don get u the mob will!!!
2. Mat
Yes ladies and Gents we are exploring any and all possibilities. Mats are whack yo'd rather just walk coz as a kange once put it "jaza gari"(fill the car) so if you're a patiet man and maybe live in TZ where cops are polite DOnt get a mat
3. Toyota/Nissan
Deadly car within the city. can zip around with ease.modest driving skills can turn it almost into an F1 car. beef is, what u can do tha Xtrail can do although not as well but it can still do. Circumstances will force u outta twn & ur sunk coz the x trail will hunt ya ass down!!!
Conclusion: get a faster car
4. CRV/RVR & other SUV's
well if you have one of these you shouldnt rob a bank. they're abit unstable so corners might be tricky plus lets just face it you're not such a good driver. If u manage to run away, thenthe frustrated policemen will shhot rubber bullets that kill. you're better off struggling to pay ya mortgage
Conclusion: proceed at ya own risk.
5.Mercedes and the like
Remind me again why ur robbing a bank? sell the car its the reason ur broke!!
6. The ultimate getaways
They fall into 3 categories:
  • Town: Get a Toyota Supra or a Celica. ur as good as gone. cops wont see u let alone smell u Just hope u don get jam
  • Country: If u cant beat them join them. Buy a land cruiser and make them chase u to eastland where the roads will finish their rides.
  • All purpose: Subaru WRX, need I say more.......

Thursday, January 12, 2006

what next

Now that I have successfully finished the professional course that I was pursuing(results pending of course), there is a huge gap that exists that needs to be filled.
There are a thousand things tha I've wanted to do form learn guitar(rumour has it that its a ladies magnet) to being active in associations within campus. All of a sudden I'm spoilt for choice its like the best feeling in the world.
However I have a weird feeling that I'm now at a very crucial stage in life where the choices I make will determine what ultimately will happen to me (and all that bla bla deep stuff)
Can Anyone out there feel me