Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Makaratasi (papers)

In December 2005 tomas took a break from blogging, socialising and other activities inorder to put his sole concentration on his studies.
The results chucked on the 20th of February 2006
I thank God for that.
Thanks for the encouraging messages y'all gave me!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This is definately a personal post. Anyway lets do this.
Despite my best effort to woo her (from poetry, to serious vybe lines, to watching for all the "signs") she said no!! The first few seconds after hearing those words I tasted the bile in my mouth, was speechless I tried my best to control myself and say something...anything!!! but I basically chocked. No tears were shed All I could do is to walk away before I said something I'd later regret.
Thank God she was honest instead of stringing me along like others might.
Now the big question is ? am I crushed am I moping down in the dumps?
No I'm not. Oddly enough I feel like a weight has been pulled outta my mind. I feel refreshed by the fact that even though she doesnt feel the same way, I am glad that I was fully honest with her.
Does it hurt? yes quite abit. but i'm now cool.
Tomas lives on

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My love is a natural thing.
It wells from a deep fountain within,
the feelings that I feel,
when I write this.
The tear rolling down my cheek,
my increased heartbeat,
the butterflies in my stomach,
the lost breath as I struggle to breathe.
It's the jealousy within,
of not wanting to let go.
The pride I hide,
when I want to show the world,
this love I have for you.
Why do I hide behind these words,
behind the ink and pen,
amongst the shoulders of men,
and the voices of peers?
Is it the fear of rejection?
a scornful look perhaps?
No.... I don't think so.
I know what it is.
Its the fear of the unknown
unknown feelings I thought were gone.
It's the fear of screwing up,
of ruining something special,
that I have with someone special.
A bond, a friendship, a connection.
That's why whenever I reach for your heart,
I hesitate and pull back.
What can I do?
Some say its better to love and lose,
than never to love at all.
I disagree!
All I want,
Is to love.
Not to lose,

Friday, February 03, 2006

Mineral water!!

Yes this post is about "mineral" water
Recently, well about a fortnight ago, my infinate wisdom got me sick (not a plan!!!)
In the lazy, comrade spirit of Nairobi University my roommate and I were too lazy to boil water. After a week of proving ourselves "men", this dude go the runs. Asin the minerals and stuff were too much for some fragile fellows to handle.
He si I was in trouble!!! especially with CATs attacking us frm left right and centre. Anyway I did what I could and when I could battle no more I ran home to recover.
After the usual tests the doc gave me some strange drugs!! I was not to go into direct contact with the sun or...... dont even remember why. Anyway thats the short of it.
All I can say is serves me right!! (Ha!! beat all of you who would have told me so)