Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Soon my love I will stare into your eyes
and tell you of the fire that burns me within

Soon, I will hold you in my arms
and sing a song to you of the joy you bring to my life

Soon I will bring our lips together
to express that which words or sounds cannot

And then I shall shed a tear, only a tear
for a real man sheds no more than one.

But if, my love, it comes to be
that you and I shall finally be
then shall I, and only then,
will I begin to shed another tear

For now my love shall remain a secret
I know not the time or day
I shall admit my love to you
but when that day shall come to pass
shall I reveal this song to you

As this time I shall remain a shadow
a friend in need
a friend in deed
a friend indeed

but soon my love soon