Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I heard a voice calling
calling me from sleep
from the dreams I had been dreaming
the nightmare I've been living
A voice from my past
one that brought with it peace,
hope, joy and oh yes
My love has returned
But with her she brings a chain or two.
Upon a closer look I see that yes
it is indeed two
One an old rusty one
from a previous love gone sour
The other gleaming shining and new
keeping us apart.
And so my love I ask
"Do you want me to fight?
Fight for you, fight for me
Do you want me to fight for us?"
I want to do it
fight to the bitter end
with every bit of my heart and soul
fight for what we lost
fight for what we can have
but only if I'm fighting for you
Till then I wait by your side.