Friday, June 05, 2009

Mr Berlusconi, Mr Galliani

You are both clowns!!

Mr Berlusconi, you are a good businessman, but you're NOT a football tactitian, otherwise you wouldn't hire a coach.
The same ges for Gaalliani. You run a successful club and i certainly recognise your gift for snapping up talent for the club, but ultimately it is the coach who knows what players he can work with and get results.

Do you both not realise that your meddling in club affairs is what has caused the poor performance of this season.
And to blame it on the coach? please!! give us another excuse.

Now you suddenly decide that you want to sell Kaka to Real Madrid! Have you completely lost it? You want to sell sell off one of your best perfoming players. what is honestly going through your minds?

Why not get rid of Ronaldhino. He is obviously not as commited to the club as Kaka. Fine he scored a few important goals for the club and that's great. But there is no denying that he did interrupt with the flow of the entire team and that is probably the reason he spent the second half of the season on the bench. Nothing personal, justclub business.

And dont give the silly excuse of money. We, the fans will come and watch the games as long as the team is performing...regardless of who is on the pitch.

Get it thriugh your thick skulls. We do not want big names: We want trophies!!

Despite my anger.. I still remain an AC Milan fan through and through.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

letters make words....

...and words is what I seem to have in plenty; but seem not to be able to write.
Why has the ink in my pen run dry?

Strange things have been happening in my life. One door closes and almost simultaneously another opens... The end of one era only serves to mark the beginning of another.

And still people do not believe there is a supreme being watching over us. We use silly words like fate and destiny, to hide the fear we have that we are not really in control.

Today i put on the mask again. todya I wrote on this blog!!