Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Why are they the way they are?

They are the most complex beings in the world.
they could love you with everything in their heart, but they dont want you to know it. It is as if they fear that showing you their emotions will make them vulnerable.

They want things their way all the time. And when they get it, they complain that they feel you're being trampled over. Not a man. Don't they understand that for you, the man it's never that serious. All you want is respect and appreciation. Everything else is secondary. You don't need to exchange 1000 words in a day to feel nice / special, but you also don't mind sitting and listening to her go on and on about whatever she wants to go on about, even if it's a complex medical procedure... It makes you happy, so do it.

If God meant men and women to be together, why did he wire them so differently?

I have this woman in my life. she is the most amazing person I've been with. Unlike many people I've been with, I don't get bored of her. Not that I want to be with her all the time, or that I have mushy feelings about her all the time. It's that when I'm with her, I can say anything under the sun well, almost anything, and don't have to pretend....

I love her dearly, but know she doesn't quite feel the same. It's partly my fault. Partly hers. Mine in that I crowded her in our relationsip. Her's in tha she had/has all these expectations that are frustrating her, but she won't say them even when she is frustrated.....