Friday, April 29, 2011


We all have people in our life that we consider to be family. It may not necessarily be a blood relative. That circle often spreads to our close friends and they form part of what we call family. I have three such friends... I'd do anything for them.
But as important as these people are in our lives, we can tend to overlook or ignore them. and realising what's been happening with them can really shock you. Recently a sibling of mine was going through a tough time. I had no idea how bad the situation was. This is despite being the one who we are closest in age with.
I could not believe that I was at a level where I failed to see what was going on in the lives of even those I share a roof with. Is it because I expected things to be always rosy and nice? I don't thinks so. I think that sometimes I (and we in general) can overlook those closest to us. Only to hear from third parties about your family members' successes or otherwise. It's sad really...
Take some time this week and spend it with a member of your family. Get to know what's happening in their lives. Hear about their ups downs and sides Hee Hee!! After all they are part of the greatest institution in the world... Family!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Airtel...bure kabisa

I must admit that this post has lost some of the bit it was meant to have when I arrived home fuming this evening!!!
Earlier in the evening, I bought Airtel Airtime from a shop and then when I tried to load it it was not working. Tomas was not a happy camper. What the hell do they mean it cannot work.

I resorted to customer care, but even getting the no from the Airtel website was a problem. Or was it because I was using my Safaricom line to surf. It seems that Airtel, a mobile phone services provider does not have a mobile friendly website.
Punks!!! How now? Explain how I cannot use a phone to access your site. That is not happening.... BURE!!

I got on my comp and went online to retrieve the number and called customer care where I vented to some helpless rep. as he tried to explain that I needed to return the scratch card to where I bought it as it had not been activated. What nonsense!! So I ask him what I am supposed to do... He suggests I use the rip off that is kopa credo... A genius system that earns phone Co.'s an interest of 11% with a faster recovery than any bank in the world. (Call it a riskless loan)

I know the fault is some nameless distributor, but I DON'T CARE. They should have a system to mitigate this. I am a suffering customer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We are a nation of hypocrites. All have sinned and fallen short of God's glory.

After the events of last weekend and matters coming to light yesterday it emerges that we are a nation with a serious moral problem. The claim that Kenya is 80% Christian can now firmly be thrown out of the window.

It is not that these things have not been happening. We have all heard the  rumours and stories of wild things happening in various parts of the country. The sad thing is that these wild things are now being thrust into the public limelight. And disgusted as we may be by the depravity of it all, we have not done anything about it apart from talk talk talk (me included) It has been on Twitter, facebook, blogs etc

But how did we get to this low level? you might ask. Simple. We simply let these things in one at a time. And it all started in the Media. Yes I am pointing a finger; one at them and three at me for doing nothing. Not so much television, but print and radio are rife with sexual innuendo everywhere we turn.

Tell me what the point is of having a scantily dressed girl on the cover of pulse every Friday. Why blame the  teenage girls who hit the clubs dressed in the same way, when we have accepted for them to pose in a leading  public newspaper. Every week there is a discussion about how X cheated on Y with Z and all manner of advice is spewed out ranging from revenge to leaving the person. Rarely is the root of the problem addressed

When people come on national radio, at rush hour, and discuss matters that would make even the most hardened counsellor blush. Why then complain at the way people are behaving in Muliro gardens, Nyeri cemetery and other unexposed locations?

We seem to point lots of fingers at the doers of the act, but what of the cameraman? what about his/her shame. What were they looking for when photographing people?

The streets are littered with posters of Adult DVD's available in vernacular...for that cultural feel to things. Nobody has been apprehended for this so far, or are higher authorities profiting from sales?

Let us then stop pretending that we are anything but the morally depraved nation we are. And let us go into our little cocoons and talk about how bad the country is behaving.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so thus therefore

I woke up this morning expecting to have one of those blah days!! and it sure started off that way. with my body not listening to the mind.... (talk about matter over mind) and the generally dull weather. It was bound not to be too cool a day.

Anyway, at some point, I was in the office enjoying a nice unhealthy session of neck pains, when a magical call came through.... I swear there are things in this life, that no matter how often you see them, or experience them, the magic is always there....You guessed it. It was B. If you guessed anyone else....your'e lower than the basement park in Kenya Re building....Yaani uko Downest!!

Needless to say, what started off as a simple hi turned into a beautiful story and all I wanted to do was pack up for the day and go for a picnic....(Tomas is growing soft) In fact in matters softness I said I love you over the phone loud enough for my workmate to hear. Thank God for her who has decided to ignore the event by just giving me a smile.... Hee hee

Now I am headed to watch Schalke try and put Man U in their place...losers. I do certainly Hope a Schalke win takes place. It would be so so sweet. Especially with Manchester fans already counting themselves in the final... After that I shall need plenty of sleep.. this neck ache is threatening to evolve into something nasty.... (I don't want to be sick)

ION Kenyan news was today filled with stories of wild sexcapades in Nyeri....In a bloody cemetery!!! WTH are this pips HIGH??? Not to mention the story on the Daily Nation on the modern day Sodom known as parliament... Thing that pisses me off is that part of my hard earned taxes has been used to hire PA's who are actually hookers. Bloody Hell!!! Read

Oh God help us. Not only do we sin in private, but also seem to have no shame in public.

Monday, April 25, 2011

why I love her (my promise)

There has never been a more simple question to answer. But just when I start speaking, I realise that it's not that simple

It's more than her looks... More than the beauty of her eyes, the softness of her lips, the feel of her skin against the palm of my hand and the shape of her figure. It is more than the physical beauty that drives men wild. More than the queen who took over my heart. It's definitely more than the looks and the looks are amazing. Or could it be the sound of her voice when she speaks, the sweetness of the words she whispers to me? No there is still more.

Maybe it's the way we flirt all day and kiss passionately all night. The way I cant help but hold her close and feel my body riddled with passion. Maybe it's the way I want to jump her and make love to her wherever we are. Or is it that she understands my body so well that I can't help but be putty in her hands? But still there's more. It goes beyond intimacy...I am getting closer

It must be the beauty of her heart and the strength of her spirit. The child like person that is within her; the fun person I want to hang out with all the time. Her openness with me and her taking me in her life. The way I can say everything to her and fear no reprisal. That she doesn't judge me for my past nor hold my failures against me. It's the way she cares for me and shows it to me every day. Her sense of loyalty and the way she takes care of her family. The beautiful family she wants to have, and the many babies we want to bring to this world. It's the little things like the three dots... and the big things like the "cake" It's the inner jokes we share and the little things we have in common. The challenges we have accepted, but even more, the rewards that await. It's the habits she has that I find cute, like her skipping when she's happy.

It's how I cannot explain how I fell for her and I how miss her even before we part. It's all this and more...the things that I cannot find words to express. The fact that this goes beyond feelings, and to a point of connection. It's the love I have for her, to see her keep getting better and stronger. It is that very same love that she gives right back to me. It's one that goes beyond a time or period. I don't love her just now, I loved her in the past and will continue to do so in future. It's not just when times are good and all is bright and sparkly. I love her when she's up and when she's down; when the clouds gather and when the sun shines; happy or sad, the love stays the same.

I end here only for lack of expression...Words are not enough, but I hope my actions are.


So I woke up this morning with a bad taste in my mouth.... Granted blankets aren't the tastiest of items in the world, but I had hoped for better! I decided to pay a visit to old blogs that I have written saved as drafts, but have become irrelevant for on reason or another. It was then that I cam across this one.

The previous content is highly irrelevant, but the title and gist of it is still true. I spent Friday night with B. It was AMAZING!!! We go to spend time together, just the two of us without any interruptions. It was magical...More than I had hyped it up to be.

In the course of the evening we got to open up to each other on simple pleasures that we didn't know we shared and experiences from our lives. I got to have her all to me for what seemed to be only an hour.... That's only because I want her for a lifetime.

All the while as we talked I begun to realise how much this woman knows me. How very exposed i am in her eyes. Granted I let her see sides of me that almost nobody knows. But it was the ease at which I let my self open up to her. I had no fear of letting her know me through and through. Letting her understand how I think and what drives me.... The very best part about all this is that I am enjoying every single moment of it.

I am officially exposed!!

of rubbish contractors and pointless crackdowns

So I was on Waiyaki way just the an saw that the govt/city council/roads board....well, someone... had finally decided that we who use that road needed a decent road. Thank you very much for the thought much appreciated. But why the hell did you have to go and pick the most incompetent bastards in Kenya!!! Calling these guy cowboy contractors is an insult to genuine cowboy contractors.
I have many problems with them
The choose to work at rush hour. Of all the times that they could be on the road repairing it, Rush hour is the absolute worst time to work. I had hoped they had picked up some few points from the Chinese who worked on Uhuru highway, but it appears not. Seriously!! at Rush hour?
I do not understand their rationale for working on different patches at different times. It's like some girl plucking on the petals of a flower except this time they're saying fix one miss one....Bloody hell
Then I was on the road just today and some sections that were repaired appear to be already regressing back to their former selves.... the road is warped. And don't blame it on overloading tracks....there aren't that many as there were in the past....IDIOTS

Away from contractors to Kenya Police... they decide to stop all flow of traffic in  Westlands in the name of a crack down. WTH!!! why do I have a problem with that you ask, well, less than 100 meters down the road, Matatus have decided that the use of a bus stop is too much of an inconvenience and that one lane of the highway is the right place too stop.
Dear Policeman, isn't the crackdown useless if you blatantly allow the drivers you let go to create a bus stop in the middle of the highway?
Maybe it's just me. I dunno

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the perfect date

It was not what you'd expect,
I picked her up late
The car was misbehaving
I forgot our tickets at home
She was freaking nervous

But then it all changed
We went to see the singers
Got blessed by the holy man
The nerves began to settle
The kiss cleared my mind

The restaurant was beautiful
But she was more beautiful
The staff were well dressed
But she was the queen of fashion
The food was amazing
But her lips tasted better

The weather was nice and cool
The "room" was hot and stuffy
She was warm and cuddly
I was soft and mushy
Her eyes danced with delight
My heart sang with joy

She was with me all night
She was the perfect date

Friday, April 22, 2011

being a man

Dear ladies

It is that time again where I share with you the inner workings of men at large. I was speaking to my father the other day and something he said struck me. He was complaining about many things that are not going right in our beloved Kenya, (but that is a story for another day) when he let out this statement. "Men need to be men. Real men. not boys"
He then went on to explain and this is where I draw my thoughts from this evening. In every relationship between a man and a woman, the man needs to be the man. And this is so in two fundamental things

  1. Leadership
  2. Providence

It is said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well the way to a woman's heart is leadership and security (providence) You can have the smoothest lines and the best looks, but if you lack these two traits, it's a waste of time; you cannot get her. You may think you have her for a while, but if you don't give these two it cannot work out.

I won't dwell too much on explaining this. I am no expert after all. I shall sign off by sharing from my own experience.
This evening B asked me to buy her the simplest and most basic of things. Mobile phone airtime. The fact that she would think that I can do this thing doesn't surprise me. It was the deeper act of, she needed something and asked me for it.
It made me realise that one of the greatest joys I have is giving of myself to the one I love. No matter how small. And I believe that many men out there share my thoughts. That our greatest pleasure comes from leading and providing for the ones we love. It is inherent in us. Part of the male DNA.

That is all. Have a nice day / night

Thursday, April 21, 2011

these moments

I have written and re-written this post several dozen times in the past hour. but I just cant find the words that can express what I want to share with the world.

I am in love.
Me. An African man.
I am completely head over heels in love.
I have fallen and fallen hard.... I am enjoying every bit of it
I am in love, that sweet puppy love.
That adorable teenage love that one has when they have their first crush
I have all the signs.
I literally spend all day next to my phone waiting for that call or text...
I want her by my side every aching moment.
I wake up and the first person I want talk to is her.
Whenever anything happens I cant help but call or write to tell her.
She spends every waking hour in my mind and is the main actor in my dreams...
I can't sleep without talking to her
To put it simply, I crave for her... and spending more time with her just makes me want her more
I am completely taken by her

These words are not enough... They do no justice to her... She is so much more

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a good day

Yesterday was my definition of a good day

It started like any other day. I woke up went tot he office did some work, and then some more work. I talked to different people at the break room, took and made a few phone calls. This day had all the makings of ordinary. One that is quickly forgotten as soon as the sun sets. That was until a certain event happened...
It was around 3 pm I was more or less done with today's work and any effort I put in was a bonus. I got a call from B. she was downstairs  and had decided to surprise me.

If at any point yesterday afternoon you came across an extremely beautiful woman walking the streets of Nairobi with a clown who was wearing a Chesire cat-like smile, that was me and B... We took a walk for what was all  of 5 mins OK say 10 minutes (actually over 1 hour).

It was the most beautiful afternoon I have had this week so far!!! B made it worth it. No wonder I am so in love with her!!!

Tonight is El Clasico part 2... I wonder if Mourinho can pull of a win. I frankly don't see where he'll do it. But stranger things have happened

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Someone once asked me...

Someone once asked me, "Tomas, why did you start blogging again? Why do you sit down and pour out you thoughts and emotions online for the world to see?" "You'd abandoned this blog for dead... Why the comeback?"

To be honest at first I didn't have an answer to his question, I gave it some thought and began to give him what I thought was the answer then, until my thoughts were interrupted.

My phone was beeping and I had just received a text. It was my no. 1 fan...the one who reads this blog more than anyone reads this blog...the one who's heart I pour out to day after day using these simple words. the one who I know now, but didn't realise back then, I blog for...

I then proceeded to ask my pal a few questions,

Should you come across something that completely blows your mind, what would you do? Would you simply pass it by?
When dreams of yours begin to take shape, would you ignore them?
When the darkness of world you lived in was pierced by a light, would you keep to the shadows?
When your heart begins to sing a song, would your lips stay silent?
When God shows you his love through someone, would you keep it to yourself?
When you find something you've sought for months and years would you not keep it?
When you find happiness that you believed was escaped from your life would you return to the house of sadness?
In the very same way; When the words keep swimming in  your head all day and you know that if you put them down, someone at the end of the day would came and read them and feel what you've put down...would you not write?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

AC Milan Vs Sampdoria 3-0

sleep needs her Beauty

Sleep my dear B, close your eyes and drift into a dream
Lay your head down on a pillow, rest your body in my arms
I will hold you and protect you all night long as I feel the ease of your breath.

In your dreams;
Songs play rhythm of beat of your heart as you wander off into worlds unknown,
Life is full of colour and all that you love are there with you
I know laughter is ever ringing as I see you smile in your sleep

And when your body is rested and you finally wake,
May those dreams not fade away, but begin to come to truth
As God takes you along this life.

Some say that people need beauty sleep but I believe that it is sleep that needs her Beauty...
And that beauty is my B... goodnight

Friday, April 15, 2011

not my name

Are you a Kenyan?
Are you a businessman / in a position of leadership in an organisation?

If the answer to both of the questions is in the affirmative, then you feel what I am about to share.

I happen to be in a position of leadership in an organisation somewhere and so far things have been going well, the team had been working well and targets were being met. Lovely!!
There was the usual beef, but that is bound to happen. sometime last year I was so happy with the people that I decided to give them better remuneration....little did I know that below the surface a volcano was reaching eruption point while some of us sat at the peak smoking cubans enjoying the view.

So, the volcano finally erupted. I was given a quit letter the other day together with a mouthful of words and accusation about what a bad person I am etc etc...

It turns out someone has been using the business and my good name to make side hustles for themselves...WTF!!!
Using my business was bad enough, but using my name is crossing the line!!!!! NO NO NO NO!!!!

So I decide to accost the said crook, call them X, indirectly and it turns out that they had their own story to give... while X has allegedly been stealing from me and clients, Y (the quitter) has been going the extra mile to satisfy the clients and a few extra people... they must be wondering what kind of

It makes me angry that someone would decide to use my name to swindle people. BLOODY HELL!!
I knew that they had their side hustles. And I turned a blind eye provided my job got done, but when it's me and my clients that you're stealing from..... there will be hell to pay.

They say that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, I guess "they" haven't met a Kikuyu parted from their money.... The revenge starts now....It's time to divide and conquer!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

one second.

One second;
That's how long it takes to turn things from dark to light.
One word;
Is all it takes to lift my spirit daily.
One phrase;
Is all it takes to say something beautiful.
One act;
Is all it takes to lift a persons day.
One kiss;
Is all it takes to wrap my around your finger.
One day;
Is all it took for me to fall in love with you.
One woman;
Is what I want, and that woman is you.
One life;
Is all I can give and I'll give it all to you.
One family
Is what I want, and I want to marry you

Do unto others...

This morning I glanced at the headline of the business daily and the title read "Tech-savvy bank workers pose threat to industry"
I have a few friends who work and have worked in the banking industry. Most of the stories that I have heard from them are shocking to say the least. There is a deep rot in the industry starting from the very top where they plan the fleecing of Kenyans with exhorbitant interest rates and petty charges (If they could they'd charge an entrance fee to the banking hall) all the way coming down to the tellers who are now stealing from customers and the bank itself.
If an organisation, in this case a bank, offers poor service at the client facing level, and does this consistently, experience tells me to look higher for the source of the problem. Unless it's a case of an individual employee, poor service delivery across the organisation is a problem originating from top management filtering downwards.
Rubbish!! that is what I can describe the entire banking industry in Kenya....the following is an account of why  I think so. These stories have been gathered several banks. These are stories I have collected from personal experience, friends experiences and employee stories. The banks included are Barclays, CFC Stanbic, Equity Stanchart and CBA

First, we have the case of being charged for everything you do. Deposits, withdrawals, balance enquiry, cheque books etc etc
My personal bank recently changed it's fees without bothering to inform us
There is a bank in Kenya that avoids employing graduates in a bid to control it's wage bill.
Another bank has employees of a certain branch sleeping with the manager to move up the ranks (not really a shocking story)
Yet another does not allow tellers breaks from the front desk even when the hall is seemingly empty
One bank is said to be cutting costs and actually ran out of toilet paper (REALLY!!!!!)
Another has employees trading with client's money in accounts with little activity!
Production of false and duplicate credit and ATM cards to withdraw from company accounts.
Staff being paid peanuts on commision based on the number of accounts they are able to open
Cases of overworking and long shifts 10+ hrs

And the tales go on and on.
Dear banking institutions, we know you have been fleecing us and treating your staff like shit. For the most part we can do nothing about it. But there is a revolution coming and you have began to see it!! The clouds are gathering the storm is headed your way. And soon, very soon, unless you ammend your may find yourself a lot more redundant!!
Ask yourselves why more money moves through Mpesa in a day that in any other bank!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

no hook ups

This is a reactionary post....

What is life without some adventure? One of those adventures is when a friend of yours tries to hook you up with someone.
In my case, this has happened in a  few instances...with disastrous results in each and every case. Let me just say  from the onset that I do not like anyone hooking me up with anyone. In fact, if anyone wants to try to do anything that implies trying to make a decision for me best be warned I don't react kindly....

So on to the hook up stories.

After high school hook up.
I had a pal (chic) going through a tough time in school and me being me, offered my help. In the process, we became friends and it was cool. It was nice to find that we had stuff in common. Anyway, someone noticed and started planting ideas into the girl's head and dropping hints at me to make a move. Even going as far as setting up strange double dates.
What happened? I warned my pal not to push it, but they were clever. Well, I disappeared. Off the grid. No calls, texts, emails e.t.c. I became a cold hard rock. I did not initiate any contact, and the poor girl couldn't understand what happened. I can't even say we are pals any more; more of acquaintances....

University hook up
This was interesting. thing is I actually liked this girl and so was a bit willing to go along with this... but the condition remained, I don't want to be pushed. Well, I accepted the awkward push but since I wasn't natural things didn't go well. I felt skittish and to cut a long story short, someone who was once considered a really close friend is not a person that I talk to any more. no bad blood, just nothing to say to each other.

Random hook up
granted this was someone that didn't know me. Very well. but we did "the date" It was horrible. I wanted it over within the first 10 mins. Luckily, we ended up at a place with her pals and a large TV. Thank God for Saturday afternoon premiership football!!

Random hook up 2.
This might actually have worked well....Yeah right!!! I was having some fun despite the knowing that this was going nowhere. Why you ask? This was because if it was up to me, I wouldn't have chosen her. But someone thought we'd be good together. Dumbass!! I decided to pass her along to someone more suitable for her tastes.

Blonde hook up!!
I only liked her for her looks. She is HOT, but blonde! I actually got exhausted talking to her. My pal pleaded  with me to give her a second chance, but I duly informed him that if he was interested in her company, she was single and willing to mingle.
I later learnt that I had dodged a bullet as she turned out to be a psycho.....Hahaha!! (good one Tomas!!)

So please don't try to hook me up with anyone especially of it is a friend or someone you think is a nice person. I will likely use them and leave them by the wayside...
Call me stubborn, dumb, or even picky; but I don't want hook ups.
Thanks, but I'll make my own choices. I know what I want!!

it is not a part of you pt.2

Picking up whereI left off...I have already put out the good message of fighting the good fight. But is it possible to avoid the fight altogether? Is one able to not have to go through hell like my friend did? Yes.

Speaking with my friend, I got to learn that there was a point at which he stopped feeling anything about his particular addiction. He knew it was a bad thing, he just didnt feel that it was so. This was the dangerous part. This was the point at which he began to accept it as a part of his life... What followed was an initial period of calm, then the lies became bigger and the pain became worse and then he slowly moved to a point of hating himself!!! and to turn back the tide would take a monumental effort plus time. both of which were in short supply!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

it is not a part of you

I have a friend who's going through an addiction. He has been struggling with it for what seems like forever. he has been through hell because of it. It had gotten so bad that at some point he hated himself. Yes hated himself. It wasn't that he did not want to be rid of it and live free again, It was that this thing had wrapped itself so tightly around him that he had began to accept it as part of him and in hating it, hated himself. Ladies and gentlemen that is a bad place to be... It was the same way we may have a vice such as cursing / picking your nose, that is actually part of you except it is much bigger.
To cut a long story short, it took him the longest period to disconnect that from himself. And while he still battles the addiction, He can stand tall and say that it is not part of him.
That whole episode got me thinking about how our minds can lie to us about so many things and have us accept untruths about ourselves. From the skinny girl who thinks she's fat, to addict who's given up all hope...
I have been in situations where I needed someone to knock the sense into me  to get out of a defeatist mentality...
So here comes the wisdom part.....

I know that out there some find themselves in a similar situation. Where you find you have turned into something you hate, just remember it isn't you. It doesn't have to be you.
Keep fighting. Never ever give up. Fight through the pain. Fight through the tears. Don't give up hope on yourself. You can return to those happy times.Don't walk alone. It's easier to have someone who you can be real with. someone who cares for you and wants you better.

I know all this is easier said than done. MUCH EASIER!!! But I am witness to my friend who did all that. It was tough. It still is, but  he's better for it.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

AC Milan vs Inter 3-0

Thank you God!!

I won't cry for you

This is dedicated to all the demons that we have in our lives. Those things that hold up back from being the beautiful people God made us to be.
Who will cry by your grave
Who will shed a tear as your body is lowered?
Who will toss that bit of soil over your coffin?
Who will say your last rites?
Who will lay the last wreath over the grave?

I will laugh at your grave
I shall spit on it
I shall laugh as your body is lowered
I wont just toss the bit of soil over your coffin, I'll dig the bloody grave
I wont say your last rites only scream "good riddance"
I shall lay that last wreath

I won't cry for you
You have caused me pain
You have caused me stress
And put me to shame

I want to be free; I need to be
God want me to be healed
He wants me to be whole

So go back to hell from whence you came
Back to the Abyss with you
No more tears
No more pain

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

what a come back

So, after my well earned I'm back to the office (voices in my head go BOOOOOOO!!!!!) Well, that's life!!

Today I saw the strangest sight. I am busy walking to work and I come across this fellow walking in the opposite direction. Now I mas put a caveat that I am no tin the habit of staring at men, but this was a unique case. So, this guy was dressed in a suit and walking down the street casually and I had taken no notice of him so far until.... a glimmer caught my eye. something was reflecting from his body. this dude had one of the biggest belt buckles I have seen outside a TV. It was the full Texas vybe. I was super jazzed with it hahahahaha!!! Too funny!!

Now for the rant!!! I haven't ranted about our beloved politicians in a while so please understand. So it seems about 1/4 of parliament has taken a field trip to go see the wonderful sights and sounds of the Hague, specifically the ICC courts. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
We only just passed a new Constitution the other day and need a couple of hundred bills discussed and passed before August 2011 and the this clowns take a field trip.
They must be on some cheap free weed. Leave alone all unpopularity of them trying to stop the process. Now that it's on they decide to go ahead and take a holiday?
I believe that time is ripe for a coup... Not the cliche African military ones. No!! A coup of ideas. Some one should raise motions of censure against that flock of birds and possibly even pass a vote of no confidence... PUNKS!!!!

Matters football!!!
Inter not only got their asses handed to them on a golden platter, but Schalke wiped the floor, the walls, and the entire streets with Inter!!! WHAT!!!! 5-2? At home??? But that Stankovic goal was truly something!!! They should make another DVD of top Champion's league goals and put that as no. 1.....

Finally the office
URGH!!! As I mentioned earlier I'm back...yuck!! It was good seeing my workmates again, but dealing with blithering idiots was not fun at all!! Especially where they hold titles, but cant make a decision beyond the bridge of their nose.
These punks seem handicapped when it comes to making decisions. It's like they have to go through some rite or ritual to come to one decision, In my mind I can picture these clowns running around a camp fire waving their arms in the dead of night yelling "decisions decisions!!!"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


These are people who bug you and don't want to let you just be. they keep forcing themselves into your business and for the most part are completely oblivious of the fact that you don't really want them around.

I happen to know one such person. He's not a bad person. He can be quite friendly and nice. but he as a problem of not knowing his limits with anyone. Within five minutes of meeting you he wants to be your pal of Facebook.
Woe unto you if you accept his request. He's Always online. Always!!! Should you pop in to see how people are, perhaps want to chat with someone... there he is popping up to tell you nothing in particular. Well, when I say nothing I mean nothing that you'd be interested in. and now he's busy adding me into funny groups he forms..... BUGGER!!!!!!

But you know what I forgive him. because I used to be a bugger to people myself. Until I came to the painful realisation that these people didn't even want me leave alone need me..... (growing up)
So I resolved to keep to my own. Probably why I am at keeping in touch with people.....

This post is headed South... I had more to say, but shall end it here....CRAP!!!

my holidays

Good morning people!

It's been a while since I celebrated a Monday. (Ok today's Tuesday, but just go with this)
I have taken some time off from the office, because I was just tired of that place and needed a breather...... thus the reason I enjoyed Monday so much!!!
Here is why I enjoy holiday's so so much;
I forget to switch off my alarm, so It wakes me up. and nothing beats the joy of switching it it off knowing I am not reporting to the office.
I wake up late..... I crawl out of bed at around 11/12 to have breakfast
I tend to visit my pals in their offices, just to catch up on how long it's been; usually I wear something very office inappropriate like shorts or graffiti T-shirts.
I sleep late...anytime past 1 am really because I can....
If possible I do the Sunday evening plans that every one is sooooo afraid of, because, well they have work on Monday.....
I get to worry about my Money....and how to maximise from my other sources of income!!!

Basically I love holiday's more than anything. And now more than ever..... Or could it be because I don't enjoy my job as much.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

cant be random

This afternoon the strangest thing happened to me... I was busy closing the gate after letting someone out and the most bizarre thing happened. I was bent over while talking on the phone and locking the gate (you see; men can multi task) and I suddenly felt a strange wetness on my neck, like a large drop of water. Only that this drop was heavy!!! I moved my free hand to my neck to check out what was up and guess what? A bird had pooped on me!!! In mid flight.
I cursed out loudly before realizing the irony of my curses (pause for dramatic effect.....) then, I quickly got inside the house and wiped myself clean.
I began to ask myself, what are the chances that I would be at that exact place and at that exact time (The same goes for the bird) and have that happen to me. Random? Coincidence? I think not...makes one wonder many things do we think are random acts/coincidences that may not actually be. Just because we did not plan it doesn't make it less coincidental.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

I wake up every morning... what do I do?

Yesterday was a good Friday... I enjoyed the company of a few close friends, got to make new one's and generally despite my complete levels of exhaustion I managed to be awake past midnight.

At some point in the night I found myself in westlands at a rock gig. My pal and I, (let's call him Slim) got there at around 10 pm. As we were outside the club, we could hear a healthy amount of noise from inside, that encouraged us to hasten our steps. However, once inside. there was only a handful of people in the audience. we counted 16 people including ourselves....sad really. Here was a crew playing their hears out to only a bunch of people. They might as well have been playing in their back yard... but that's not the point.

Here is was a group performing in front of a small audience mostly comprised of friends and yet was pouring out itself on stage with every song....Props.
That's what balls are made off. To stand up and despite the seemingly lack of support, go ahead and do the thing that you love.

I as myself, how many people are like that? How many can honestly say that they have something that they love and no matter what people think, or do to either push them along or drag them down, they wake up every morning and say today I am going to continue chasing my dream.

Am I like that? I want to be. I need to be... and not just in terms of career or money, but even if it is to simply look for happiness in this life. Whether it is to be with who I love or doing what I love.

I wake up every morning and do the things I do because I love them