Monday, December 26, 2011

the Christmas gift

I have never considered Christmas as a time for giving and receiving gifts. That happened only in TV land where all the people were in America.
As I grew up, Christmas was a time to  spend with family and possibly a few friends. We would share a meal together, have a few laughs and reminisce on the year that was.
The routine has been more or less the same over the past decade or so and so this year I did not expect any different. and in many ways, I was right. I spent Christmas with the same people and did the same lunch and tea afterwards. We talked the same stories and shared the same jokes. We also made the same promises to see each other over the course of the coming year. It was a great time!!
There was something this year that was different from last year... I was really happy. I may not have looked like it, but I was really very happy. In a way, life had gotten simpler. Some of the shit that I have been dealing with over the past 1 1/2 years finally seems to be losing it's strangle hold over me. And while I know I am not there yet, I feel that I am on my way back to wholeness.
Adding to it the events of the past week, I can say that I am truly blessed. There were difficulties at work that I encountered and made it through successfully. I had a friend who needed my advice that somehow made sense to them and another who just needed me to be there; not necessarily to say anything, but just be there and somehow things worked out. I am happy that I could be a small help to these people and them a great blessing to me.
I think that is what Christmas is all about. The meals, gifts, cards and messages are all nice, but the best thing is to give of oneself as Christ did. He showed us the way. the least we can do is at least try and follow it in our own little way!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

the goodbye song

The past few weeks have been rather odd. I had exams; and as always I was not worried. I have been out having fun more times in the last 4 weeks that I did for the rest of the year. Met a few new people, some who I find particularly interesting. Things have been rather tough at the office which means I have actually enjoyed work; It's boring when it's easy.
There has been a bit of a shift in my daily patterns. I no longer get to work an hour before reporting time. Most of my lunches are totally random, I've been hanging out with "new" people. The point is, I seem to like this new pattern more than the old... (although something has to be done about the few hours that I have been spending asleep)
One thing that has definitely changed is music. I have been listening to a lot of music of late. Mostly catching up  with what's new out there, but also including a few old songs that carry a bunch of memories with them.

For almost everyone that is close to me in my life, there is a song that goes with them. It may not be necessarily be one that they love or enjoy, but it is one that when I hear, reminds me of them.
And there's this song that's been on  my playlist that reminds me of a friend that I haven't seen in quite a while. Usually when I'd hear it, I'd roll back to good times that we had in the past, but of late the message in it is that of goodbye. It's like person has walked out of my life. Not that we have fought and argued, but that our journey together is over; at least for now. They have their own path to walk, and I have mine.
This of course did not come out of the blue. It hit me a few months back that our paths had started to drift apart and of course that came with a bit of a pain. However, such is life. And as a good pal of mine would say, "These things happen."
Maybe one day our paths shall cross again, and we shall be able to share from our different experiences, right now we have to grow apart rather than together.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

a complete picture of me? part 2

I was to continue with this post a few weeks ago, but I didn't and the whole gist of it was lost. That's life.

Let me summarise it quickly. To my friends and aquaintances, I am known as different people

A smooth dude (probably true)
A kind person (I can be caring)
A rude bastard ()
A rich guy
A miser man
A huslter
A party animal
A happy-go-lucky-guy
Organised and meticulous
A lazy bum
Rigid and stiff
Laissez faire

And the list goes on.