Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i love you

You'd think I would have the courage to say these words to you, or to sit down and write a long winding letter of how my heart feels about you. Maybe I would take the next step and write a song and sing it to you in front of a crowded gathering, but no, I choose to write it here to hide these words here in a place where you may never see these words.

I choose not to say these words to you because of the implications that they would bring. I would rather love you and be silent than tell you and lose you. I have lost quite a few people in that sense. These were people who I told those words but who were unable to say them back either because they did not feel the same way or saying them would lead me to expectations that they were not ready to fulfill. I do not blame them.

I have borne my heart to a few people so please understand where I am coming from as I seek to guard it this time round. Although it is bruised and battered... They say once bitten twice shy

However, I cannot hide what I feel for you. not to say it is a lie, but to hide it completely is a crime on which I do not want to be punished for. I choose to show you this love by being there for you. Both in the happy times and the bad times. I shall be the friend you always dreamt of, but never had. I shall show you how a real man ought to treat you and make you feel without expecting anything back. Make you feel like the queen I see you to be.

I say this words with a heavy heart well aware of the risk I face that I could very well lose you. I live with this knowledge in mind; that if the times lead you into the arms of another you can at least go guilt free having never heard those words from my lips to your ears. Having experienced what you know you deserve...
I shall cry but for a day and like the mist disappear in the rays of the sun. Not to be missed or given second thought. If that is to be the fate of my life, I shall accept its burden and the pain that comes with it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mr Atwoli you are Wrong

I have not bitched about Kenyan politics in a while. Come to think of it, I haven't even posted in a while. I doubt I was missed seeing as this blog is one of the more famous out there. anyway I was Listening to the radio today (Capital FM)  and the presenters were talking about a certain Mr. Atwoli's speech that put the labout minister on the spot. So the presenters put the question out there to the public, "Do you support Mr Atwoli's stance on the NHIF rates?"
To my surprise a lot of people support the strike notice. They are complaining that the increase in rates to be paid is too much. What the hell? A lot of this buggers will spend that amount of money in an instant having lunch, watching a movie or having a drink. They forget that the purpose of this money is to provide healthcare to the Kenyans who cannot afford to go to a private hospital every time a pimple appears on their skin.
Atwoli's actions do not support the lower cadre worker since that is who I suppose he represents when he stands on that podium. This worker is the one that cannot afford decent medical care and is at the mercy of  government  health institutions which are understaffed poorly equipped and the doctors and nurses underpaid. Now the increase in the NHIF fund will not afford the night watchman at XYZ security company or factory worker the ability to take themselves to Nairobi hospital's private wing (If there's one) or take his wife to deliver at Princess Zahra at AgaKhan, But it will allow the government the ability to raise the quality of medical services to a position where they can be said to be decent.
And I know that some will argue with the age old excuse that the money is headed to line people's pockets or to be used for the upcoming political campaigns, but I counter it with this, we are the same people who work in these so called corrupt government institutions and if it is not us it is our friends or family. So if any one is going to steal and benefit from the stolen funds it is us. The fingers we point at others are pointed right back at us. "Let him who is without sin cast he first stone."
Please let us not let our brothers be fooled by this so called saviour calling for a strike. I do not often say this; in fact I don't believe that I have, but "Mr Atwoli you are wrong."