Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I know how I got here and I do not want to leave

I have often been in denial of the things that I do when I am in relationships or when I am into someone. Once the initial dust settles I often look into the mirror and ask myself who I have turned into. I surprise myself every single time with what I am willing to go through for the girl I am into.

However, with Lady M this is slightly different, and that is a good thing; a very good thing. I am into Lady M; a person whom I honestly could not have imagined being with. Not that I did not try, I did. But there was a time it was dead, finished, not even on the rocks or shipwrecked. The ship had not even left port. It is literally by the grace of God that today I can call her my girlfriend. :-)

It does not surprise me the things I am willing to do and go through for her. I amaze myself that I can instantly turn into a ball of mushiness when I am with her, but I am not surprised, and if you ever get to know her you shall realise this;  there is something very special about her. And until today I do not know what. I can't quite put my finger on it or express it. It's more than an emotion, more than I can put into words, something that I have experienced with her.

At first it was her looks that captivated me. I was completely taken by her. You cannot help but notice that that beauty goes much deeper than her beautiful smile or those captivating eyes that light up when she is happy. Or the small sigh she makes when she is completely ecstatic. (I will never forget the time you drove us to Limuru. That was an amazing day)

After being captured by her beauty, I was further pulled in by her mystery. I got the feeling that there was much more to her than I initially saw. Like she was this completely different side of her. Don't get me wrong, she isn't two faced, she is deep.

But there are many people that I know that are deep, I being one of them. However, I came to realise that it is not just her depth that makes her special, It is something more. It is the experience with her. She is like a drug, a taste of life with her and I got addicted. It is this person called Lady M

the person who cares for people way much more than normal people do. 
the artist who pains beautiful pictures in her mind and occasionally puts them down on paper.
the lady, who doesn't need to raise her voice to win a fight.
the person who still enjoys watching club kiboko on a random Saturday morning
the person who is totally taken by a waterfall and nature's beauty
the lady who enjoys hot chocolate at a simple cafe over a espresso at a big hotel
the lady who is allowed to be completely selfish with her life, but has given more of herself than most people will ever know.
who can survive life's nuclear bombs and come out smelling of roses.
the person I have lost countless bets to and even when they are all paid back, I will still owe for the joy of paying them back.

This is the amazing woman that I am falling in love with. I asked for her. I prayed to God for her and when the time was right we were together. That is why I say I know how I got here and I do not want to leave

strange turns and thoughts creeping in the back of my mind

Life is interesting. What's new?
Whenever I find myself falling into a certain rhythm or routine that has all the makings of comfort and lethargy, it isn't long until life throws me a curve ball and I am caught in the excitement of living all over again. My entire life has been like this that I cannot bear routines. I constantly crave something different even if I have to create the situation myself.

Yesterday was one of those days. I left the office as usual with the intent of getting on a bus and heading home. I was feeling a bit tired and looked forward to my bed and the comfort that it offered. when I got to the bus stop, there were no buses and I did not feel like standing around to wait for one, so I decided to slowly begin walking towards home and possible catch a bus somewhere along the way.

A couple of songs later I found myself almost half way home and decided to finish the journey on foot. It would be a first from me. The last time I had made such a walk I was in primary school, almost two decades ago A change on routine would not hurt.

After a few more Kilometers I came to this junction which offered me two alternative routes to go home. the first was a to continue going straight and branch off much later on the road. The second, was to take a left turn and walk and follow the curve of the road again still leading me home. The second route was cooler as it had more trees and shade while the first was a straight shot. I could almost see my turn off at the top of a slope about 1500 meters away. In my wisdom, I opted to go straight. Why? because it was a less dusty route and had less people. I should have looked at my feet first.

I was not fully convinced that that was the route that I should take, but I quickly dismissed that thought. After all there was no logical reason that came to mind to change my route. I had already began to go straight.

At the turn off from the main road I received a message on my phone that immediately made me realise the error of my ways. My love, Lady M and I had passed each other headed in the opposite direction. she had used the alternative route, but we were too far apart for me to consider trying to chase her. :-(

I realised then how much I actually miss her.... and it is those words that lead me to my second post of the day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

we have a train yipee, but wait

Yes, this article is a bit of a rant. However, before you begin to throw stones at my magnificent glass house, please take a moment to hear out my thoughts on the matter.

Yesterday the H.E. Mwai Kibaki officially opened the Syokimau railway station, the first of several planned stations in what is called Greater Nairobi Commuter Rail Services. A good step in beginning to solve the urban transport chaos in the city of Nairobi. I would love to see this idea succeed, but right from the launch a few things have made me doubt that this was a project that was well thought out to the detail. The devil does really lie in the details.

First, The cost.
Who was this service aimed at? Kenyans across all classes, or the few that are able to afford a vehicle already? As per this article on today's Daily Nation, people had long looked forward to this service, but  the cost of fares is likely to prohibit frequent use of the trains. Here is why
Assuming one is to pay the train fare of Ksh200 plus an additional Kshs 50 (estimated) to connect from the station to their home daily, for 5 days in a week. the cost in a month (20 days) would be Kshs 5,000 on transport. This is opposed to the current cost for that same distance at Kshs 2800 taking the bus fare figure of Kshs 140 per day. The argument many would pose is that it reduces the time spent on traffic is reduced by 75%, well the cost of that reduction is 78% increase in transport cost. Is that affordable to the common man? I think not.

Second, timing.
I love trains because they do not have traffic jam issues related to them. However, because they have to stick to schedules, they can be a bit rigid. a good way to counter this is to have several trips running all day. the frequency can reduce during the day when there is less passenger traffic. At 5 trips in the morning and evening, the current train service does not offer enough trips to and from town especially in the evening. The train is said to have its last trip at 6:35pm from town. That is way too early. We have thousands of commuters who flock bus stages all the way until 8:00 pm some students, others are working late in offices and shops while others are on dates with significant others, the list goes on and on. For these night creatures, the train becomes irrelevant to them should they need to pursue whatever evening activity their hearts desire.

Third, Amenities
As someone pointed out, the closest footbridge is about 3 Kilometres away; towards the end of Mlolongo township. For the person who may wish to take a walk either to or from the station, it will definitely involve a hop and skipped beat of the heart as one tries to get across Mombasa road.
How about security? Currently the station is sort of in the middle of nowhere, Is there adequate security for passengers, as well as the staff there?
How about the schedule? We have been dependent on newspaper reports to find out anything and everything about the train schedule. As at the point of writing this article, there is no schedule up on the Kenya Railways website on the train schedule, how to use the turnstiles, costs of tickets, where to buy them, means of payment e.t.c. To make the process go smoother it would be good to educate passengers on how the system works. Kenya Railways needs to be proactive and not wait for media to volunteer the little time they have left after covering our politicians to show us how it is done.

I do not want to be the wet blanket to the progress being shown by the government, however I will not sit back and applaud what seems to me to be a half done job. If you're going to do something go all out and do it properly and to completion.

May the stone throwing begin

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


If I could name the  later part of this year is, I would call it transitions. A lot has happened in the last month, since October and it has changed my life completely for the better

The changes have come in so fast, I am surprised that things have turned out they way I think that have.

  • I managed to step down from a position that I held in a certain organisation after waiting for about 4 months to finish up.
  • I am in the process of moving jobs and my new role looks very promising and exciting. I finally get responsibility as well as authority to do my work
  • I am getting my investments aligned properly. They were not in shambles, but they were also not focused. It means not having emotions when it comes to money matters.
  • I finally found an idea that I am passionate about and would like to pursue and see where it leads
  • and the best part: I am in a relationship with Lady M. Every day I continue to be amazed by this woman. Where was she all this time?
All this is a true blessing from God. I cannot thank him enough for the favour he continues to shower om my life daily.