Sunday, February 24, 2013

not a good day

Today started pretty much with the same promise every other Sunday starts. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the choirs were in tune. Yes it was a bright Sunday morning.
Everything was going well. I was looking forward to a relaxed end to the weekend, but suddenly out of the blue, things turned South.
I was hit by a bus; It was not a literal bus. but by some news that hit so hard I struggled to hold my breathe for those first few seconds. It was the kind of news that leaves you mumbling and lost for words.
To make it worse, I should have seen it coming. It was me who fueled the bus. I made sure it was running. I am the one who directed it right onto my path.
The result; I am not dead, but I am hurt. I'm bleeding inside. Whether I shall recover or not is entirely up to me, I want to get well, but certain things need to play right. I know I should take steps to fix things, but I remain unsure of all that I am meant to do. Anything I know I can do I shall do with all my might.
My mind is going crazy with what has just happened; What caused it? What was the tipping point? What do I do now? I cannot even share this with anyone. It is a battle that I have to fight by myself.
I know I need to slow down and evaluate things. If I don't, the next piece of news could send me to the grave... Dear God I cannot go back there.

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  1. Don't ever lost hope...GOD would always answer your prayer,just call Him...:)