who am I?

Yes yes i know this is kind of cheesy, but I needed something to put on this page... I promise that any newer pages will have richer content. I don't promise that you shall like it.

I was born in the beautiful land of Kenya in the formerly beautiful city called Nairobi some XX years ago. I have two parents and two siblings. They are the most important people in the world to me.

I have many acquaintances, but not many friends, at least I don't seem to stay friends with people very long. I have accepted that people drift in and out of your life, like the tides in the sea.

What do I love in life?
  1. Football: AC Milan is simply the greatest club there is. I am not faithful to the players or coaches. (They come and go) I am faithful to the institution
  2. Cars: I used to think that Ferrari's were the greatest cars in the world, a few recent vehicles have shaken that faith. But if it has an engine and has the potential to go fast and make a big fuss about it, I shall  undoubtedly be interested.
  3. Sports in general: it is the greatest showcase of the human spirit, I still have to be convinced about golf and American sports in general (with the exception of basketball).
  4. Women: a common feature on the blog...
I tend to love freely and wholly, thus most of my posts are about how my heart aches for one woman or the other. I do not believe in the one, that's merely an image of the perfection we all seek. I do believe that one day I shall find a woman who completes me wholly. There have been a few close ones, I sense i'm getting warmer!!

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